Bathroom essentials

Bathroom Essentials - Photo: A minute away from snowing

From the scent of your favourite perfume through to organic hand creams and artisanally wrapped soaps, a thoughtful selection of bathroom essentials evokes a certain old world luxury and will leave a lasting impression on guests.

Extend upon the styling of your reception and opt for products that are beautifully packaged and that feel reflective of your venue and overall aesthetic of your wedding, taking into account colours, textures and fragrances that resonate with you.

Tiny vials of perfume and cologne, candles infused with essentials oils and handmade soaps placed elegantly amidst freshly cut blooms will fill the space with an intoxicating scent and create a beautiful visual display, while phone chargers, mints and refreshing towelettes will be welcome treat.

Take cues from luxury hotel bathrooms – think chic individual bottles of varying heights grouped together or plush white rolled up towels stacked neatly in pyramid formation.

Consider personalising the display with a hand penned note or labels, encouraging guests to help themselves.

We have put together our must-have bathroom essentials for your wedding or event in this free printable, as well as products to Shop. Download your Bathroom Essentials Guide here.

*Note: Consider children and avoid the inclusion of any medications including paracetamol, instead leave instructions about where they can be found.

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