Everlasting blooms

Everlasting blooms | Fractured Flora by Anna Thomas

Fleeting and ephemeral in nature, the beauty of flowers is inextricably intertwined with their fragility. However, a new wave of florists, wedding stylists and artists are pushing the boundaries when it comes to preserving their magic. From re-imagined backdrops and installations through to wedding florals printed on scarfs or encased in resin, here are our top 5 unexpected ways to incorporate everlasting blooms into your wedding or event.

Encapsulated in resin
Talented wedding stylist Shonel from Nomad Styling and Katie from Katie Marx Flowers recently created a beautiful seating chart made from pressed flowers in perspex which were hung in clusters to create a beautiful art installation. Also look to designers such as Marcin Rusak for inspiration. Seeking to give flowers longevity the London based artist created a floral screen by casting real flowers in black resin panels, which were then sliced and rearranged to form a magnificent screen. An artwork in its own right but one that could double as an incredible backdrop for wedding photos.

Wax dipped
Perth florist Sheridan from Sheridan Tjhung Floral, who is widely known for her eye catching artistic arrangements is an expert at preserving florals in wax. Sheridan’s installation for Garden City’s Garden Party included a phenomenal 1500 roses individually dipped in wax which took days to complete. “Once they are coated with wax gold foil or paint can be added,” Sheridan said. “The coating forms a type of cast. The flowers will perish on the inside but the cast will remain and they can be kept as long as you’re willing to take care of them.”

Frozen in time
Forget the standard wedding bouquet closeup, artist and photographer Anna Thomas freezes flowers in liquid nitrogen, whacks the stems and then captures the shards of petals on a high speed camera. The result is utterly breathtaking.
“I use liquid nitrogen which is approximately minus 400 Celsius so when you dip the flowers into the liquid it snap freezes them,” said Anna. “Because it’s such a quick freeze the ice crystals are tiny which turns it into a really fine porcelain texture, then I smash or crush them, depending on the look I’m aiming for.”
A print of your favourite bloom captured in this way could not only serve as a beautiful reminder of your wedding day but be incorporated into the design of your stationery suite, seating chart, escort cards, menu and any other printed material, echoing the floral arrangements on the day. As an alternative consider flowers frozen in large blocks of ice such as the work of Japanese photographer Kenji Shibata and Japanese artist Azuma Makoto, or for something a little more subtle use shards of frozen floral ice blocks to keep drinks cool.

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Painterly textiles
Inspired by the notion that the petals and foliage of flowers from significant life events could be imbued onto luxurious textiles like silk, pashmina and pure merino, Byron Bay artist Anne Leon collaborated with House of Ferguson creators, Pip Rooke and Jane Soutter to create The Wedding Scarf. “We use the bouquet from the bride and at the end of it those petals and leaves are sprinkled in amongst the scarf material and what you end up with is a beautiful heirloom scarf that can be passed on through the generations,” said Anne. “Each one is made by hand, there are no machines or mass production involved in any part of the process. It’s a bit like alchemy every time we do it.”
The same process is being used to create bespoke ceramics, imprinted with the mark of petals and leaves.

Botanical perfume
Capture the essence of your favourite flower in a bottle with a customised signature scent to wear on your wedding day or gift as a thoughtful wedding favor – instantly evoking memories of your day. Generics store in Perth offer a personalised service where you can create your own botanical perfume (think scents infused with baby rose buds, jasmine, chrystanthemum, honeysuckle and Hibiscus), as well as a MYO (make your own) perfumery pop up station for hen’s parties and events.
“Freshly hand made by our perfumiers, these 100% Natural essential and absolute oil blends are hand crafted and infused with buds and plants, bottled in glass vials,” said Lisa Chau, Generics Director and product developer.

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