Girl with the golden touch

Girl with the golden touch

Girl with the golden touch

Taking inspiration from the past and fusing it with modern accents is the essence of Perth jewellery designer Danielle Campbell’s vision for creating incredible bespoke jewellery, crafted from the finest diamonds and gemstones.

Her striking collection of gold rings, earrings and pendants in various vintage and art deco designs, are given modern flourishes with gems in palettes that range from green Sapphire, pink Tourmaline, violet Syn Alexanderite and icy blue Swiss Topaz through to more traditional gems like diamonds and South Sea pearls.

“I love vintage jewellery and my style is reminiscent of that,” Danielle told us. “I aim to create pieces that are beautiful from every angle and often add stones and details just for the wearer to see.”

A true artist in every sense, Danielle reveals her creations are formed from a synthesis of craft and imagination, which often evolve from the stones themselves.

“Everything is handmade in-house and it’s a very intuitive process,” she said. “Generally I work out what kind of stones I’m going to work with and get a feel for the customer’s style, then I sit down and draw, and it evolves from there.”

She also notes her love of colour plays in important role in the design process when selecting precious and semi-precious gems to work with.

“I love coloured gems, they have so much life to them and have the ability to change your mood,” she said.

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A perfectionist at heart, Danielle is diligent about the materials she works with and is passionate about working with Australian suppliers.

“I’ve had most of my suppliers for a long time and they know what I will accept and what I won’t, so I can ring them with confidence knowing that they’ll find me what I’m asking for, whereas when you’re dealing with overseas suppliers you’re never quite sure.”

Inspired by her artistic upbringing in WA’s Margaret River region, it wasn’t long before Danielle turned her nimble fingers to jewellery making.

From there it has been a steady rise to success for the 31 year old. In her graduating year of jewellery and design at TAFE she was offered an apprenticeship and upon completion branched out and launched her own business, which has grown from strength to strength over the last 11 years.

We asked Danielle to share her advice for couples who want to create the perfect engagement ring that will last through the years. She also reveals some the top engagement trends for the next 12 months and some exciting new projects on the horizon.

What advice would you give to couples wanting to create the perfect engagement ring? 

Book an appointment with a jeweller that you can sit down with and discuss your options. Having a bespoke piece made for you is much more personal than buying a ready made ring. Being a part of the process is just as special as the finished product.

How do you help brides determine the perfect Danielle Campbell piece for their personal style?

Having worked with couples for over 11 years to design and create engagement and wedding jewellery I have a talent for finding my client’s style. With the right questions it doesn’t take long to work out what the perfect piece will be for each individual client. I also ask them to show me the other jewellery they wear so that the piece I’m making will compliment everything else.

On average how long does it take to complete an engagement ring?

Generally it usually takes about three weeks to create a piece – from the design process through to ordering the stones and creating it.

What are some current current bridal jewellery trends and what do you forecast will be popular over the next 12 months?

White gold is still the most popular choice in metal and the halo engagement ring is probably the biggest trend I’m seeing.

With wedding bands people are becoming a little more daring and heading away from the traditional matching band to a more layered mix and match look. I think we will be seeing more of that over the next 12 months. It allows you to be more individual and gives you the ability of changing the way you wear your wedding set to keep it feeling fresh.

What projects do you have coming up?

Currently I’m collaborating with Joshua Berthelsen to create a line of leather goods and jewellery which we hope to have up and running soon, and wedding season is keeping me very busy. I also enjoy donating a piece to the to be auctioned at the annual WA Firefighter Ball. All of the money raised goes to the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children burns unit.

What three things do you like to surround yourself with at work?

  • I am usually surrounded by stones of all kinds.
  • I always have a candle burning and soft music; sometimes the latest stuff, sometimes the old crooners. It changes depending on my mood.
  • I also love my wall paper mural. I wanted some colour in the studio and fell in love with the colours and texture of this mural from Scandinavian Wallpaper and Decor, which I discovered at their Oxford Street studio.

To view more of Danielle’s bespoke creations visit her website.