Houghton Bride Spring 2016 – Barcelona Fashion Week

Houghton Bride Spring 2016

Inspired by gypsy spirits and nomadic souls Houghton NYC delivered a collection of striking silhouettes with an undertone of tribal and seventies references for a cool and contemporary take on bridal.

After dominating the bridal market in just a few short years, it was no surprise Houghton NYC was invited as the first USA designer to show their collection and newly launched menswear at Barcelona Bridal Week, with six designs created exclusively for the event.

Gowns were intricately adorned with crystals, beads, handwoven gold threads and other exotic details reminiscent of world travels, while fur, tassels, capes and fringing created sultry movement and an unexpected edge.

However it was a collection underpinned by a delicate femininity of undulating lines. Gowns featuring cascading ruffles in blushed hues lent softness to traditional full-length shapes, silhouettes with billowing sleeves and floral prints in sheer silks moved ethereally while shorter style gowns featured fringing around the hemline that sashayed sensually around knees and ankles.

The Bridal Atelier (hand selected for the White Edit Directory), gives White Edit a front row view from the Houghton NYC show at Barcelona Fashion Week plus an in-depth retrospective on their favourite looks.

Describe the styling… The runway was layered with luxe Moroccan textured and patterned rugs flown in from the US with the Houghton NYC team. Soft lighting diffused over the space added a dessert like warmth to the ambiance of the show.

How was the atmosphere and energy of the show? It was such a highly anticipated show. Houghton NYC was handpicked to present their collection in Barcelona and was the only US label invited to do so. It really was definingly different to anything else showed at Bridal Fashion Week and the styles were captivatingly beautiful. The models seemed to float down the runway in a haze of light layers and ruffles of chiffon, delicate laces, metallics and soft prints.

What is it that weaves the collection together so beautifully? The fluidity and movement of the pieces. They way they are worn commands confidence and each stitch and seam is carefully thought out to maximize the impeccable tailoring and the way the pieces catch the light or breeze. Designer Katherine Polk innovatively uses different fabrics and embellishments to weave cohesiveness into her collections but in unexpected combinations.

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Describe the makeup and hair styling… Make up was light, luminous, natural and effortless. Hair was wavy, textured and had a tasseled movement to it – exactly what you’d expect of the modern gypset bride.

What was The Bridal Atelier’s absolute stand out piece/s from the collection? The backless, long sleeve Wilkinson gown was a style we were captivated by. The lace is a little softer and the half-lined skirt allows the bride to wear some amazing designer heels and still have the bridal look but with something a little different.

The Asher was another jaw dropping piece with its short shift-style, flared sleeves and fringed hem. Definitely more of an editorial bridal piece but the hand beading and golden embroidery was exquisite. This was the style showcased by Houghton at the opening night cocktail party and runway event at the Spanish Royal palace. As if in a daydream we were surrounded by ornate crystal chandeliers, marble floors and art filled hallways.

What is it about Houghton that draws you in and leaves you wanting to see more? It’s unexpectedness. It truly is innovative and delightfully surprising. Houghton girls really are just the queens of cool.

What sort of bride do you envisage wearing gowns from the Houghton Bride 2016 collection? She is self-assured, distinctive and purposeful in her sense of style and wants to be a bride… without being a bride!

We love that the dresses seem to offer an extension of everyday style, can you imagine them being worn by non-brides on the red carpet? Definitely. We often see Houghton pieces on the red carpet. One of our favourites was Lily Collins wearing the Chante dress.

What was the highlight of your trip to Barcelona? We were in Barcelona for 5 days total so it was a wonderful whirlwind trip full of beautiful architecture, bridal fashion, tapas and sangria! It was also a place to connect with and be inspired by so many other industry creatives sharing a deep love for the bridal industry.

When will pieces from the range be available at The Bridal Atelier? We have handpicked several pieces from the new collection and they are expected to arrive in store late September 2016.

You can view more beautiful gowns stocked exclusively at The Bridal Atelier in The White Edit Directory.