Model secrets

Model secrets: Nika Biggs

With long, toned limbs and luminous skin framed by dark features and shiny hair, Nika Biggs is burgeoning on becoming one of Perth’s biggest modelling exports and was the perfect choice for our first editorial, Of Sun + Sea.

Nika is the younger sister of Channel 9 weather presenter Scherri-Lee Biggs, but after two successful appearances at the Perth Fashion Festival Nika is fast paving her own road to success.

Here Nika reveals the secrets to her signature glow.

What are the best beauty tips you’ve picked up from a hair and makeup artist?
Contouring and highlighting with a good illuminator is key to bringing out your strongest features and looking on fleek. Using minimal conditioner when washing your hair is helpful for styling and keeping in curls.

What are your top 5 favourite beauty and skin care products?

If you could only have one thing in your makeup bag, what would it be?
My Bare Minerals mascara! No matter how unprepared or tired I am it will help me lift any look and be casting ready.

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What is your go-to beauty look for a special occasion?
I prefer wearing minimal makeup but for a special occasion I’ll always go for the smokey brown eye with dewy skin and a pinky nude lip.

What is your favorite hair care product?
I love soaking my hair in organic coconut milk to give me a quick fix to smooth, soft and shiny hair.

How do you stay healthy and in good shape?
I try not to get too complicated with my diet so no quinoa bowls and acai puddings for me! I tend to stick with balanced proportions of meat and vegetables, with a bit of egg for protein in the morning, nuts for a snack, and of course fruit and raw coco chocolate for a sweet fix! To keep fit, healthy and in shape I like to mix it up between boxing, pilates, and ballet.

When I wake up the first thing I do is …
Have a cup of green tea to wake me up and nourish my body with antioxidants.

What is your favourite healthy snack or quick and easy recipe?
I love zucchini pasta! Its so easy to make, quick to cook and especially yummy when paired with Mum’s homemade tomato sauce!

What is your guilty indulgence?
Coffee with almond milk…what can I say I’m an architecture student its pretty much mandatory!

Tell us about your weekly fitness regimen…
I like to mix it up, as I can get bored pretty easily! So during the week I change between boxing, a bit of pilates and ballet classes to keep my core body strength.

How do you prepare before a big shoot?
Plenty of sleep, lots of water and the week before I bulk eat salmon to get my skin glowing.

What is the one thing you never fail to do for your body?
Drink enough water! I drink 2.5 L of water a day and that keeps my body nice and hydrated, which has an endless list of benefits.