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Modern retro | Photography Teneil Kable

With its timeless appeal and perfectly nuanced sound, the resurgence of vinyl is filtering its way through to weddings and events.

Music and lyrics have the ability to create emotion and energy, unify diverse groups of people and evoke a certain mood, so it is fitting that the selection of songs and albums carefully curated for your wedding be enjoyed in their most raw and authentic form.

In an age when it is easier to download and stream songs through a plethora of devices, vinyl has steadily grown in popularity over the past several years due to its rich, soulful sound and tactile quality, with certain artists releasing albums solely in vinyl format.

While we love the idea of a live band or acoustic singer playing during the cocktail hour or reception, a carefully considered selection of music played on a turntable or remixed by a DJ can help transition your day.

Unlike their digital counterparts which enable listeners to reshuffle tracks, vinyl can be savored as the artist intended; revealing a story and building to a crescendo before a final shift in energy, which can help set the tone from day to night or dinner to dance floor.

Its versatility also lends itself to be manipulated by an artist who can create a unique soundtrack for your day, one that can never be replicated and that will serve as a poetic reminder – instantly transporting you back to that moment in time.

Whether your music selection is contemporary, inspired by a nostalgia for the past or a mix of the two, look for an experienced DJ who can work with you to enhance the overall feel and atmosphere of your wedding.

Find an edit of our top 10 vinyl songs below the gallery. We have also curated a selection of dance floor images from some of our favourite photographers.

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Top 10 Vinyl Singles

Ho Hey – The Lumineers
Fire and the Flood – Vance Joy
Hymn for the Weekend – Coldplay
Like an Animal – Rufus
Lay It Down – The Rubens
Fall at your feet – Crowded House
Loud Places – Jamie xx
One Crowded Hour – Augie March
Stand Still (featuring Micky Green) – Flight Facilities
For You – Angus & Julia Stone