The new statement ring

The new statement ring. (Pictured: Danielle Campbell ring, photography Courtney Illfield)

For the minimalist brides and those with an affinity for the unusual, we are coveting singular rings, which do away with the combination of a traditional engagement and wedding ring and fuse them into one magnificent piece, worn as a single statement.

This paired-back style works perfectly with the new wave of artful settings and luminous jewels cut into irregular shapes like delicate pear cuts, hexagonal settings and art deco styles that we are seeing from jewellery designers.

While the idea evokes a modern sensibility, singular wedding rings date back to Ancient Egypt. It wasn’t until the fourteenth century that diamond engagement rings were used to signify an engagement by the affluent and royals but the concept was never widely adopted until De Beers made them popular in the late 1940‘s. Yet it remains a daring alternative for the non-traditional brides.

There is an element of elegance in the simplicity of wearing one statement ring, of pairing things down – which is perfect for everyday adornment.

It also allows for the ring to be the sole focus without the distraction of a secondary piece and resolves the often problematic design dilemma of how to fit a wedding band around sculptural shapes.

And for the budget conscious brides more can be invested into a single breathtaking piece which embodies the the beautifully unexpected.

See an edit of our favourite jewels embodying this trend throughout the gallery below and in the White Edit Shop.

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