Inspired by the idea of a romantic island wedding, we travelled off the coast of Western Australia to a place of unimaginable beauty to shoot our first White Edit editorial ‘Of Sun & Sea’, featuring exotic beauty Nika Biggs and captured through the amazing eye of photographer Courtney Illfield.

Allured by its endless horizons, secluded shores and hidden rocky coves surrounded by turquoise waters, we were completely captivated by the simplicity and natural beauty of Rottnest Island.

With a free-spirited and wildly romantic aesthetic in mind, we sought gowns suffused with a lightness, that would be brought to life along windswept shores.

Mermaid-esque silhouettes, gowns with heavily encrusted embellishment, textured embroidery and hems with a raw edge were also garnered, in a barely there palette of misty neutrals and smokey grey, to mirror the textures and tones of the sea and rugged landscape.

We introduced luminous pearls, stacked jewels and crystal adornment to embody the beauty of the ocean, while makeup was kept fresh and hair naturally wavy and tussled from the salty sea breeze.

For Part 1 we explore the island’s dramatic landscape – its many jagged cliffs that overlook the private lagoons below with outstretched views over the Indian Ocean.

While Part 2 takes you deeper into the island, exploring its hidden laneways, lush gardens and weathered heritage buildings, with their textured peeling walls and rich marine tones of copper, rust and exposed timber.

In the same way an island is formed – this editorial, and the launch of White Edit itself, has been the culmination of a number of different forces and energies being brought together to create something we hope you will find truly inspiring.

May it encourage you to be brave enough to follow your own path, break with tradition and make your own magic.

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Image 1, 2 & 3: Suzanne Harward Haute Couture Gown

Image 4 & 5: Jane Hill Lottie Gown / Danielle Campbell Pearl and Gold Rings, Pearl Stud Earrings and Gold Stackable Rings / Amber Sceats Chevron Armour Ring and Triple Fine Rings from Armada / Maniamania Ephemera Ring Set from Armada

Image 6, 7 & 8: Jane Hill Valentine Gown

Image 9, 10  & 11: Rue de Seine Eve Gown from Through The White Door

Image 12,13 & 14: Suzanne Harward Haute Couture Gown encrusted with mother-of pearl embellishment / White gold and pearl ring from Danielle Campbell

Image 15 & 16: Stone Cold Fox Iowa Dress from Turquoise Lane

Image 17: Maniamania Academy Necklace from Armada