As the afternoon slips away on the golden, honeyed shores of Rottnest Island, we find ourselves being beckoned inland, deeper into the island, where infinite possibilities await.

After a morning spent shooting amongst some of the island’s secluded beach lagoons, revealed in ‘Of Sun & Sea’ – Part 1, our small team headed back into town in the only two electric cars allowed on the island.

We began wondering on foot through the small quiet streets strewn with sun-dappled light, and soon re-discovered its secret hidden laneways (fondly remembered from childhood), and weathered heritage buildings, providing us with the perfect backdrop in the soft fading light.

The sheer fabrics, fluid silks and textured embroidery of the gowns beautifully contrasting against textured peeling walls in rich marine tones and crumbling sun-bleached stone.

After capturing 12 breathtaking gowns in the space of a day (an incredible feat in itself), we wrapped and made a frantic dash to catch the last ferry home. Totally exhausted but utterly inspired we chatted excitedly about the magic caught on camera through the amazing eye of Courtney Illfield and having created our first editorial!


Image 1, 2 & 3: Suzanne Harward Couture Gown | Danielle Campbell Pearl Stud Earrings

Image 4 & 5: Pallas Couture La Promese Collection Gown | Danielle Campbell Pearl and Gold Ring

Image 6, 7 & 8: Stone Cold Fox Alabama Gown from Turquoise Lane | Amber Sceats Phoenix Crystal Necklace, Fine Druzy Necklace, Translucent Ring & Cuff Ring from Armada

Image 9, 10  & 11: Samantha Wynne Couture Gown

Image 12 & 13: Rue de Seine Violet Gown from Through The White Door | Danielle Campbell Pearl and Gold Ring and Pearl Stud Earrings

Image 14: Olive Farm Designs Lace Veil | Sabina Motasem Elsa Gown from Through The White Door

Image 15: Sabina Motasem Elsa Gown from Through The White Door