Suspended installations

Suspended Installations

Cascading florals that draw the eye overhead, whether as a myriad of falling blooms or decadent clusters of foliage, create a sense of drama, infinite opulence and evoke a feeling of being invited into a whimsical, secret garden.

Despite the complexity of creating these statement pieces, there are endless possibilities when it comes to the types of blooms and foliage that can be paired together to suit the style and aesthetic of your wedding ceremony or reception.

Perth florist Katie Cooper Floral Design, who is known for her wildly romantic, unstructured arrangements, has a talent for bringing this trend to life. When choosing the colour and aesthetic of your floral installation she recommends drawing inspiration from nature and the surrounds of your venue.

For a romantic, bohemian outdoor wedding Katie suggests using field varieties, blooms with multiple florets and trailing foliage dangling from the branch of a tree near the alter or trailing from an exposed beam.

“Tiers of threaded blooms strung behind your ceremony space will also set a romantic tone,” she said.

If the style of your wedding is chic and elegant, Katie recommends arranging an abundance of lush green foliage and soft open blooms, such as rose varieties, around crystal chandeliers strung from high ceilings, or cascading down an opulent staircase.

“For a seaside celebration you could include washed timber or driftwood, feathery foliage such as fern varieties and crisp white blooms; while native blooms, foraged materials and textured foliage would suit a rustic theme,” she said.

Texture and variety from unusual botanical pairings like flowering herbs, fruits, nuts and seeds can provide interest in the overall look, along with unique elements that suit the theme including timber, metal, rope or vintage ladders.
Hanging lanterns, crystal candelabras or bulb pendants can also be incorporated to create a romantic ambience.

If you are considering a suspended installation piece we recommend working with a florist who has previous experience creating similar looks as well as a site visit together to discuss ideas and work out the logistics.

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