Lured by the magnetic pull of intoxicating city lights, with thoughts of revelry; of celebrating until dawn and tumbling deliriously into bed; a tangle of arms and legs wrapped up in luxurious hotel linen, sending a scattering of diamonds across the floor – our latest editorial ‘Transendent’, is an ode to those brides daring and spontaneous enough to follow their hearts. For those with an inimitable sense of style and the ones who defy traditional sensibilities with rebellious energy and attitude.

Our model, Lauren Brown, epitomizes this sense of chic nonchalance. As one of fashion’s most sought after models, and the face of this year’s Perth Fashion Festival, she is captivating in a mix of beguiling jewels and scene-stealing pieces with an air of insouciance.

Immersed in a luxurious pre-wedding ritual, every finger is stacked with lavish diamond rings. Pearl necklaces drape from slender collar bones and wrists drip with diamonds.

The sound of the city’s rhythm, mixed with a killer soundtrack creates a palpable energy. Slipping into a sensual gown to match her mood – she is exquisite and empowered. Ready to celebrate with her love and dance with carefree abandon until the soles of her shoes wear away.

Inky black metallic pants and nothing more than an exquisite pearl ring encrusted with black diamonds, offer a sense of edgy sophistication for more intimate after-party celebrations, where the liquor is free-flowing, the rules don’t exist and neither does time.

Every unrestrained and raw moment is photographed masterfully by Teneil Kable on film, and brought together with a small but exceptionally talented team of creatives.

We hope it inspires those of you planning a wedding or event to be true to your own sense of personal style, be undefined by trends and learn the rules but break them anyway.

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Photography: Teneil Kable | Art Direction & Styling: Teneil Kable & Raeley Jones | Model: Lauren Brown from Vivien’s | Makeup: Francesca Poggi from Vivien’s Creative | Hair: Kayla Marshall | Florals: Flowers by Aneura | Assistant: Rowland Murray | Location: COMO The Treasury

Model Wears

Image 1, 3, 4: Erdem SS16 Look 8 from Ricarda | Rohan Jewellery Argyle White Diamond Ring ($125,000) and Diamond Stud and Jacket Earrings ($5,300)

Image 2: Magnolia from Flowers by Aneura

Image 5: Kaliver Bodysuit | Kailis Shackles Necklace ($1,380)

Image: 6, 8, 9: Kaliver Bodysuit | Kailis Metropolis Diamond Ring ($12,275) | Rohan Jewellery Diamond Stud and Jacket Earrings ($5,300)

Image 7: Rosendorff Fine Diamond Pave Ring ($1,620), Cross Over Diamond Ring ($2,070) and Fine Ring ($2,635) | Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfum from David Jones

Image 10: Rosendorff 7 Row 18ct white gold Diamond Bracelet ($48,800),18ct White Gold Couture Ring ($5,500) and Black Diamond Engagement Ring ($11,900) | Kailis Adored Black Diamond Ring ($10,500), Metropolis Ring, ($12,275), Vibrance Bangle with diamonds ($31,200), Luna Cuff ($7,100), Surry Hills Silver Bangle ($1,220) and Shackles Necklace ($1,380) | Rohan Jewellery Argyle White Diamond Ring ($125,000)

Image 11 & 12: Rosendorff Fringe Diamond Necklace ($42,000) and Diamond Stud Earrings ($7,800)

Image 13: Rohan Jewellery diamonds (POA)

Image 14 & 15: Rosendorff 7 Row 18ct white gold Diamond Bracelet ($48,800), 5 Row 18ct white gold Diamond Bracelet ($45,800) and 18ct white gold Diamond Drop Earrings ($17,900)

Image 16, 17 & 18: Inbal Dror Gown from Helen Rodrigues | Rohan Jewellery Australian Diamond Number One (in excess of $500k, POA) and Diamond Stud and Jacket Earrings ($5,300)

Image 19 & 20: Inbal Dror Gown from Helen Rodrigues | Rosendorff 18ct White Gold Couture Ring ($5,500) and Diamond Drop Earrings | Jimmy Choo Lance Sandals (stylist’s own)

Image 21, 23 & 24: Empire Rose Luxe Trainer with Parisienne Sequin Panels | Kailis Adored Black Diamond Ring ($10,500)

Image 22: Empire Rose Parisienne Sequin Bomber | Kailis Adored Black Diamond Ring ($10,500)

(Prices current as at time of publication)