Kailis Jewellery

The Kailis name is synonymous with the most sought after Australian South Sea pearls, found in the pristine waters off the remote north west coast of Australia.

Artisan jewellers hand select the most beautiful pearls to compliment each bespoke, contemporary piece of jewellery which feature the word’s finest diamonds, gemstones and gold.

A combination of time-honoured techniques such as Guilloche, and cutting-edge technologies are used to produce each exquisite piece, which can be treasured for a lifetime and future generations to come.

Founded on a family’s affinity for the ocean; it takes two years of nurturing for the oyster to produce a single Kailis pearl, which are the largest and rarest of all pearls, and so naturally beautiful they require no treatment of any kind before being set.

Each pearl is unique, reflecting the individuality of the wearer and every piece of jewellery features a secret black diamond, Kailis’ signature authentication of fine craftsmanship.

“Pearls are a living gem. Silky and sensual, they literally warm to the skin illuminating the face and adding depth to a woman’s style. In my view nothing can date the pearl, this is the ageless classic. It’s the one luxury that always looks fresh.” – Alex Kailis, Director of Kailis.

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