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It is those moments of raw, unguarded romance combined with moody, evocative storytelling that give incredible magic to the work of Lilli Waters from I Got You Babe Weddings.

Lilli’s style is suited to those who want every moment of their wedding day documented; the emotive exchanges, rituals of beauty and dressing, attention to small stylistic details and the pure moments of intimacy you share in those ‘in-between’ moments.

Unexpected compositions and artful angles such as glimpses through doors, shafts of light filtering through windows and couples basked in natural light against beautiful landscapes are all instantly recognizable signatures of Lilli’s work.

Each frame as beautiful as a fine art portrait, and yet they are candid, fleeting moments that collectively capture the soul and romance of your entire wedding day. Photographs that transport you back to each and every moment as it happened and the energy you both felt.

“I strongly believe that wedding photography should be about the real and honest story. If it poured rain all over your guests and you ended up looking like drowned rats, or you were trying to hide a baby bump in a tummy-less dress and got black car oil all over it (yes, these are true stories), that’s what adds to the great story you will be telling to the grandkids sitting on your knee in 35 years time.”

When Lilli is not shooting weddings she is immersed in her personal photographic work as a fine art photographer, pushing herself creatively, which then feeds back into her work with couples.

Head over to the official website and blog to see more of Lilli’s work and to enquire about her services.

Lilli is based in Melbourne but available for travel interstate and overseas.

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