Dreamy calligraphy

Dreamy calligraphy by Michaela McBride

Brushstrokes of grey ink, textured handmade paper with raw deckled edges and subtle touches of blush… we are inspired by the beautiful new stationery suite by Michaela McBride Calligraphy, which exudes a romantic and elegant sophistication.

The combination of the delicate script and beautifully restrained palette creates a dreamy, organic feel; while the nuances of the hand crafted paper and deckled edges, which Michaela has become renowned for, lend an artistic edge and are perfectly suited to those brides with an innate love of the natural world.

The elegant final touches of the custom rose gold wax seal and blush tone of the silk ribbon from Silk & Willow are evocative of romantic spring hues, conjuring images of a wild garden soiree but are equally suited a more refined aesthetic.

Guests will appreciate the unstructured details complete with hand penned, personalised calligraphy, executed with Michaela’s artistic eye.

Incredibly Michaela is a self-taught artist, having only discovered the art-form of calligraphy while preparing for her own wedding earlier this year. Since launching her business, which is based in New Zealand, she has been sought out by brides from all over the world for her unique designs.

We asked Michaela to share her inspiration for the suite as well as the techniques and time involved in creating a bespoke stationery design.

(You can find Michaela McBride Calligraphy in the White Edit Directory, or head over to her official website to enquire about your own unique stationery designs.)

Describe the overall style…
This suite is very delicate, organic, subtle and unstructured, and I love that about it. I think it’s a great balance between the delicate script and the beautiful deckled edged paper, gently tied in silk ribbon.

What materials did you use to create it?
Handmade paper was used to create the suite because it lends itself especially well to soft colour palettes and has a very unstructured and romantic feel about it. The envelopes were cream and the addresses were handwritten in a soft grey to match the invitations. I also used silk ribbon from Silk and Willow.

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What is your favourite detail?
The fact that it’s full calligraphy gives it such an organic feel and I love that we were able to keep the wording to a minimum to achieve this look. I also love that the bride went with a subtle blush silk ribbon to tie it up with. Such an elegant final touch.

What drew you to the art form of calligraphy?
I first discovered calligraphy whilst planning my own wedding. I wrote my own place-names and signage for the day and had so many people compliment me on those details. I spent my honeymoon drooling over other amazing calligrapher’s work and came back with the goal to teach myself!

What is your earliest memory of calligraphy?
I have always been fully immersed in the creative/art scene, so the actual art-form of calligraphy has always been something I’ve admired from afar. It wasn’t until I was in the process of planning my own wedding that I really fell in love with it. It’s an art-form which creates an ambience in words and I love that about it.

Briefly talk us through the process of creating a bespoke wedding suite…
Time wise, I usually like to allow around 4 weeks from the start of a design to the finished suite, however I like to have suites booked well in advance so I can gather supplies. During the booking process I like to get a really good insight into the couple’s day because this can help determine the look of the suite from the colours through to the look and feel of their wedding aesthetic.

What factors influence the cost?
Materials and quantity are the main factors when it comes to costs. Little ol’ NZ doesn’t have a lot of the supplies which I choose to work with, so I import much of it from the US and Europe. I have set costs for most ‘On the Day’ details, however when it comes to invitation suites it really depends on what the couple requires. All of my costings for these are done on an individual basis since every suite is bespoke.

What do you love most about calligraphy and your job?
The best thing about my job is getting to work with real couples who allow me to dream up something unique and personal to them! I get to find out all the important things which piece their day together and find out what makes them tick. We live in such a digital world so I love that calligraphy is a little bit old world.

What has been your favourite bridal brief or your favourite memory of creating a bridal suite?
I don’t think I could pick a favourite to be honest – every couples details are so special and personal. I love that everyone’s is a little bit different which means I’m constantly getting to try out new colour schemes and styles.


Calligraphy & Styling: Michaela McBride Calligraphy | Photography: Courtney Horwood | Paper & Ribbon: Silk & Willow