Rose gold adornment

Rose gold adornment

Rose gold is having a minute. We know because we’ve watched it tick across the face of our blush coloured wristwatches. More than a minute really, it’s having a moment.

Feminine, soft, romantic, alluring; the precious metal is perfect for those wild at heart brides.

Embodying the beautifully unexpected, rose gold is subtle and mysteriously understated yet distinctive – oozing a quiet confidence. Elegant with a nostalgic feel, because this is not the first time we’ve taken a shine to the golden hue, washed in the colour of romance.

There is a long history behind the current obsession with rose gold, which has captivated the world over a number of times.

Created from an artful blend of gold and copper alloy and also known as pink and red gold (depending on the shade), rose gold was popular in Russia at the turn of the nineteenth century. So popular that it was actually known as “Russian gold,” for a time. It grew fashionable again during the war, when the government banned the use of platinum outside of the military, and the blush metal became the sought-after alternative.

Arguably the shining moment for rose gold was in the 1920s, when Cartier designed the iconic “Trinity Band”, made up of three entwined rings; one rose, one white and one gold. The hue fell out of fashion in the ‘90s when we moved toward a more stark, platinum style and now it’s back, showing up on runways and ring fingers (think Blake Lively and Teresa Palmer) the world over.

Perfect for those with a unique sense of personal style, rose gold can be worn in a myriad of ways. Artfully stacked across fingers, worn singularly dangling from wrists and ankles or draped in cascading layers of superfine chains from collarbones, paired with a deeply cut gown. For a statement look consider a hammered metal armlet or for those a little more daring a rose gold ear cuff will create an aesthetic of tough-luxe.

The blush hue marries perfectly with all manner of precious and contemporary gemstones, shapes and designs. It is also flattering on most skin tones, so is perfect to gift to your bridesmaids and flower girls.

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They say a dozen red roses is the symbol of true love. We say a dozen pieces of rose gold jewellery might just take the cake.

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